Overview of MyKeepWallet.com

Dear users! The safety of your funds is very important to us. This is not an official wallet of KEEP Network project. This wallet is non-custodial, which means that private keys are stored on your device and not on the mykeepwallet.com server. Anyway, we do not recommend to use it with large amount of assets.

For more safety, you can connect to wallet via MetaMask. It will work with AtomicSwap exchange as well.

MyKeepWallet.com — is a cryptocurrency wallet, created specifically for the KEEP community. It hosts all major features contained in an elegant, easy-to-use interface with a support of cross-chain exchange. It is web-based and absolutely free to use.

Let’s take a look closer at wallet UI and how you can use it in everyday life.

Creating a new wallet at mykeepwallet.com

After the first load of the app, there are 2 options: to create a new wallet or to recover your wallet with the seed phrase, if you have it before.

Recovering wallet with a seed phrase

While creating a BTC wallet, you can choose one of a few types of security level.

Keep in mind that no matter which wallet you create for the first time — all other coins you can add later.

Keep Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, that means it does not keep your keys, they are stored in your browser. So it is critically important that after you create your wallet you must save your seed phrase and ETH & BTC private keys for the safety of your funds. Once you do it — you can recover your wallet at any time and use other popular wallets such as MetaMask.

Generation of seed phrase
Copying private keys
BTC private key

The wallet interface is designed in a minimalistic style and is very easy to use, all the main functions are at your fingertips.

Wallet user interface

You can move directly to Uniswap if you want to buy KEEP tokens, as well as go to tBTC dApp to mint some. Also you can easily switch to the dark mode, if you prefer one.

Dark mode

To receive any funds just copy your BTC/ETH/KEEP/TBTC/USDT wallet address from the submenu of each coin.

Sending ETH

You can see all of your previous transactions in the corresponding section.

Transactions list

Also if the app detects that you have MetaMask installed in your browser, wallet will give you an option to connect it to the app.

Connect your MetaMask wallet to mykeepwallet.com

That’s all, it’s very simple to use a web-based wallet. For the best experience I suggest using it in Google Chrome. Don’t forget to save your keys! Stay safe.

Example of importing your existing mykeepwallet.com seed to MetaMask:

Choose “Import using seed phrase”
Type your seed phrase, generated on mykeepwallet.com

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